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Snowdonia Hidden Cottage in the Mountains, A-list Retreat

Enjoy a sacred space to just be, hidden away from the public and any demands, in a stunning rural location. Ancient Healing well. Within 5-10mins reach of beautiful beaches on the peninsula, enjoy the  snowdonia mountains & visit the islands by boat. shhhhh  Shaman Sophia & Angelic Medium *local VIP services available, access by boat…

Meditation, Shaman, Healing, Sacred Earth

Easter Santorini Retreat 2017

Join Sophia for the 2017 Easter Retreat for Santorini. Dates available throughout April. Balance, Heal, Energise…. Enjoy some empowerment coaching and get ready to transcend some limitations and boundaries.  Visit Ancients sites and the volcano a special place in terms of earth energy Enjoy a gorgeous program of activities available and space and time for…


Pure God-Goddess Empowerment Santorini

There has been so much coverage about the mysterious, elegant landscapes of Santorini and it’s majestic and magnificent charm. The magical experience and energy of the volcano and island provide the perfect holistic retreat options for this unique God-Goddess Empowerment Program, and Sophia’s Pure Goddess And Pure Mother and Baby Programs. These unique programs encompass…

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Classes

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Sophia every: Tuesday at Whitaker Park Art Gallery, (Mixed Class) Rossendale 7-8pm Wednesday @ Riverside Leisure Club, (Mixed Class) Rawtenstall 7:30-8:30pm Thursday @ Runamok Play Centre (Female only, Children allowed to some sessions pleases ask for details) 6:30-7:30pm Thursday – Pregnancy Meditation Master Class – Whitaker Park 2-3pm * Friday –…


Mother & Baby Love

Hello All, Having given birth to my beautiful baby boy, I have developed a new birthing Method which incorporated the techniques and modalities I used throughout pregnancy and in preparation for birth. With a beautiful, peaceful, fast and gentle birth, both myself and healthcare professionals involved in my journey are in no doubt as to…

2012 Shift


Living Magically Program & Workshops Sophia takes the soul on a journey of self discovery that leads you to your highest truth, love, purity & Joy, and allows you to awaken to the truth of your own heart. Empowering and mind opening one to one sessions that help you step out of your comfort zones,…

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