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Hello All,

Having given birth to my beautiful baby boy, I have developed a new birthing Method which incorporated the techniques and modalities I used throughout pregnancy and in preparation for birth. With a beautiful, peaceful, fast and gentle birth, both myself and healthcare professionals involved in my journey are in no doubt as to the benefits of this preparation for the mind, body & soul. A huge part of my work focuses on releasing fear and overcoming boundaries or limited beliefs. Empowering women on the magical journey to motherhood. A lot of these techniques also help develop a calm and happy baby through pregnancy which ultimately influence their behaviours post birth. Music and practice used through pregnancy to achieve calm and relaxed states can also be used to instantly help soothe both of you once your little miracle is born. For more information please visit

I am currently working on setting up some free taster workshops that work with these freedom, liberation & empowerment techniques, fear releasing masterclasses, with the Rossendale Midewifery team. A great way to compliment the Empower Now package. These sessions will hopefully run along side antenatal classes once a month. I am also currently writing a manual for the birth method and book so will keep you updated here and don’t hesitate to give me a call if you would like a private chat about options or private sessions. I work with a number of other established & well recognised holistic therapists, teachers and healers. From Yoga, Healing, Acupuncture, Counselling, Reflexology, Breathe-work, Meditation…. Perhaps you would like to add on one of our retreats? Whatever your requirements and circumstances, there are a number of additional options for you to choose from. Each course is tailored to meet your own unique journey and requirements.

Many of the techniques involve ancient practice and humanological therapy and modalities. Reminding women of their power, and reconnecting them to their own Goddess Energy, working directly with kundalini. A unique combination & tailored program both pre & post birth. A unique course developed to assist you as an individual. It may be that you are unable to have a natural birth, or you may have had negative experiences previously that need to heal. Whatever the circumstances this course is for you! To find out more, give me a call now on +44(0) 7805 824842 / +44 (0) 1706 213624 or you can email me direct at

Love & Magic,

Sophia x



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