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Explore your own inner space, become aware of your own natural power and discover your own spirit voice.

Sophia works on a confidential basis with high profile & celebrity clients and personnel: Access in confidence. Sophia uses a number of secret locations and venues around the globe and all her work is 100% confidential. Agents and Managers: Sophia is now on email -: 



For more information on upcoming retreats or Mother and Baby focused services please contact us here or visit www.goddessbirthmethod.com (new website coming soon)

Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire: Bodyworks Therapy Centre, Hebden Bridge – Organic House, Yorkshire. www.bodyworkshebden.com 

Healing in Hebden with:  Sophia

Crawshawbooth, Lancashire:

Sunnyside Clinic

Harley Street, London: 

Private Consultation and courses are also available -:

Harley Street Therapy Centre, London / Sunnyside Clinic, 542 Burnley Road, Crawshawbooth, Lancashire.


Key Locations:

LA, San Francisco, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Greece, Italy, France, London, Manchester, Devon, Wales, Bali, Peru, Santiago De Compostela, Vigo, Ibiza, Spain & Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Islands Thailand, Islands Great Barrier Reef, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Norway, Borneo, Mexico, Egypt.